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dream log: 2006 april 15

i dreamt that two guys were planning an exploration of this jungle region. they begin their journey armed with a couple machetes and backpacks. after traveling in this jungle for a while, they cross a small river. on the other side, the terrain becomes much rockier. one guy is climbing the rocky bank, when he gives a shout. the other guy comes running. the first guy has found something embedded in a rock. it looks like a man, except half his body is normal, and the other half looks like some kind of demon lizard. needless to say, the two guys are scared by this. one guy says they should turn back, but the other guy (in typical movie fashion) wants to keep going, and convinces the other guy to follow. they continue, but the unshakable feeling that something is following them. finally, they get to the top of a ridge, and find incredibly dense trees lining the top. they're so dense that they can't see what's beyond the ridge. they travel along the ridge until they come to two wooden posts with a door between them. they open the door and step through, but they are somehow now in suburbia, and have just stepped out of the porch of an ordinary-looking house. again, one guy is freaked out by this and wants to go back, but since it looks like they've escaped the jungle, they continue down this suburban street. there are no people around, and only parked cars. then, they hear a roar from down the street. a pickup truck with HUGE black wheels (as in 6 feet in diameter) and a lizard painted on the hood revs its engine and accelerates down the street toward them. they run between some houses and try to evade the truck. after crossing several streets, they think they've lost the truck. suddenly, another vehicle (this time a 60s-70s muscle car) with HUGE wheels and a lizard paint job revs its engine and chases them. the two guys are convinced at this point that the lizard men are everywhere and are trying to kill them. however, i wake up before the plot advances any further.

possible explanations:
really not sure on this one. i do seem to remember more dreams when i'm at home, as opposed to at school apartment.
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