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i have often thought about how cool it would be to go back in time and introduce ideas or technology to various people or civilizations from the past. for example, you could back and play Beethoven's 5th symphony for J.S. Bach. he would probably be confused, but it would still be cool. you could bring a stereo with you and play it in a medieval court. you could take a car with you and teach people living before the industrial revolution how it worked. you could introduce Newtonian physics 100 years before Newton. you could give the ancient Greeks the hint to explore steam power (which they almost did). you could appear at a critical naval battle in history armed with a nuclear submarine, and wipe out one side. you could invent the internet before it existed. you could 'write' a bunch of famous songs before they were written and make tons of money!

does anyone else have other ideas?
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you could give a pilgrim a washing machine. you could introduce sporks to cavemen.
It's obvious in most cases, they'd call you a witch/warlock/heretic and kill you. Progress = bad :D
nuclear submarine or a burning stake... you wouldn't go back unarmed
See, I've thought about this too. There are a few problems with it though. For instance, the technology we have in cars these days wouldnt allow them to run on the gasoline of the industrial revolution (mainly cause... there really wasnt any commercially avaliable.) So they'd really be looking at you like you were insane, ESPECIALLY when you ran out of gas.
But it would be pretty fuckin sweet to show up in the Revolutionary War with a shitload of sniper rifles and M-16s and arm George Washington better. We'd win regardless, but this would make it a much more one-sided battle. Plus, since the concept of sniping wasnt invented yet, the other side would suspect something like witchcraft and just freak out and surrender.
hey, it's a win/win situation. education or witchcraft, either one is fine with me.