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dream log: 2005 july 25

i had two dreams, each very distinct. the first one was about this weird experiment being conducted on this guy. a group of scientists/researchers were trying to convince him he was an assassin or secret agent or something. to do this, they were using all kinds of drugs, sleep deprivation, hypnotic suggestions, and other techniques. by the end of the experiment, the guy was getting pretty fucked up. if they'd done all that shit to me, i'd be pretty fucked up, too.

the second dream was me standing on a stage. i had my black Schecter bass guitar in my hands. there were other people on stage, too, but i couldn't see or hear an audience. the people on stage seemed to want me to play some songs with them. for reasons unknown to me, we launched directly into a set featuring music from such hard rock bands as Black Sabbath, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, and AC/DC. there may have been a 311 song in there, too. i don't remember the details of the playing, except i know we played Rage's "Wake Up". i distinctly remember playing the pre-verse riff.

possible explanations:
no idea about the first one. the second dream may have been inspired by the movie Rock School.
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