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dream log: 2004 december 4

weird dream last night. there were two sides fighting each other, one which was mainly human, and the other that was a Tolkien-esque mix of bizarre creatures. the setting looked like a ship deck, except it was extremely long, like maybe a mile. it was made entirely out of wooden planks, but they were all slimy with algae, and the entire mile-long deck was covered in about three inches of water, making it very slippery and hard to fight. the deck was about 50 feet wide, and there was a cabin around every 200 feet along the deck. the cabin filled the full width of the deck, and was several stories high, so something human-sized would have to go into the cabin and out the other side. this allowed for defensible choke points. on the human side were various heroes and magicians, who looked like Count Fenrir from Dune. they were dressed in slinky black cloaks with high collars, and could use telekinesis or throw fireballs and other magic weapons. they reminded me very much of the Aes Sedai in the Wheel of Time books. anyway, the humans on this long ship were trying to hurry this old woman down the length of the ship/boardwalk, while the creatures were trying to capture here. somehow, i knew there was a secret passage at the end of the ship/boardwalk which would allow the old woman to escape. basically, the humans were outnumbered and being overrun, and were making a hasty retreat. this was difficult due to the water- and algae-covered deck. finally, the creatures sent this giant troll (think Lord of the Rings) down the deck. the soldiers and magicians were fighting it, but it wouldn't die. finally, the old woman the humans were protecting reached the last cabin, which contained the secret passage. she disappeared into it, but the human soldiers continued to guard the door. the giant troll was brought down just before it reached the last cabin. mr. maneri, my high school music teacher, appeared to be the leader of the side with the trolls, and he emerged to tell me that he had to get the old woman. i told him she didn't want to be taken, and had a right to privacy. he looked thoughtful, and decided to give up the chase. i found this rather ironic, because hundreds had died on both sides, yet he was so easily dissuaded from his pursuit just by talking. while i was thinking about this, i woke up.

possible explanations:
seemed to be a mix of Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Dune, and something out of Donkey Kong Country.
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