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dream log: 2004 november 21

last night i dreamt i had to buy cymbals for my drumset. i went shopping at a shitty trinket store with Max and Juliana, and ended up buying a set of incredibly shitty cymbals. when i got home, i couldn't believe how bad they were, and i had no idea how they had talked me into buying them. i thought i must have gotten ripped off, so i looked around for the receipt. i found it in my pocket, and it said i had paid only ten dollars for the cymbals. i then called up John to give me some advice for cymbals, since he might actually know what he's talking about, and i thought about claiming that drum throne that Columbus Percussion promised me. then i woke up.

possible explanations:
no clue, except that Columbus Percussion really did promise me a drum throne, and i have no cymbals.
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