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dream log: 2006 april 29

i dreamt that someone was asking me how to play "One Song Glory" from Rent. i couldn't seem to find a guitar anywhere to demonstrate, but there was a piano nearby. i started to play the bassline, which begins on F#, i think. then i noticed that the piano did not have the range of a normal piano - it was only about 4 octaves wide. yet i found i could play a very low part and a very high melody at the same time with my hands very close to each other. there was something else strange about this piano. every single key was twice the width of a normal piano key (so the total width of the piano was as usual), and the keys were loosely covered in a sort of woven burlap sack material with a flannel pattern in it. furthermore, each key was about 1 foot long, front to back, and had a second key set within it, maybe 4 inches back. this enabled me to play the low part and high part at the same time without having to reach a long distance. however, the width of the keys also meant that i had to move my hands further to play the same riff. it was a really strange piano.

possible explanations:
i saw Rent recently. it was a rather chaotic show, but pretty good.
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