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dream log: 2006 april 14

i had a weird dream this morning. i dreamed i was standing near my car (a honda accord), which was parked in a near-empty lot. i was approached by three people that seemed to know me. they all climbed into the back of my car. i turned on the car and started to leave the lot. immediately, there were people all over the place, all running toward the same exit i was trying to get out of. they all seemed to be very frightened of something. i had to go very slowly to avoid running into them with the car, but we eventually made it out of the parking lot and onto the road. once on the road, my passengers directed me where to turn. we drove down the road, which was devoid of any other cars or people, until we came to a gas station. it wasn't a normal gas station, though. this one was very gothic in style, and the posts supporting the roof were probably a hundred feet tall. i asked my passengers if this station sold 'metal' fuel (metal as in the musical style). i have no idea what motivated me to ask such a question. the passengers said no, so we moved on. apparently, i only wanted to put metal gasoline in my car. as we were driving along, we came to a very wide, flat highway. all the lines on the road disappeared, and the road grew so wide that i couldn't see the edges. i was sure i was going to get lost, but my passengers directed me to look upward. i do, and see that maybe 50 feet above the car is a 'ceiling' that is parallel with the road in all directions. i am surprised, as i didn't see this before, despite it obviously extending for miles in all directions. painted on the ceiling in bright colors are sort of squiggly, flowing paths. i get the idea that i should keep my car directly underneath one of these paths, and follow it as if it was a road. i spend what seemed to be a long time following a wavy, green path. sometimes it gets very narrow, and i have trouble seeing it. sometimes it changes direction suddenly, and i have to slow down and make a sharp turn. basically, i spend all my time looking straight up out of my car's sun roof, trying to keep us below this green path. finally, we come to the end of the green path, which ends in another parking lot. my passengers get out of the car, and i hear them discussing something. i ask them what they're talking about, and they say that i have saved them from some disease that everyone was getting. we walk out of the parking lot, and i see we are in some sand dunes near an ocean. we walk down to the edge of the water, and i see it is a very peculiar ocean. the water is almost transparent, and the sand that makes up the bottom slopes down very gently for about 30 feet, then drops off sharply at a 45-degree angle. i see many sharks and other fish swimming in the water. i comment on this, and then wake up.

possible explanations:
i dunno where the parking lot or gas station scenes came from, but following the colored paths probably came from Breath of Fire III, a game which i've been playing recently. the ocean scene was likely also from Breath of Fire III, in which you can go fishing.
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