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dream log: 2005 june 9

very strange dream last night. i dreamt i was watching a movie with some friends. it was sort of a horror/psychological thriller movie with some paranormal things going on. my point of view was alternately as one of the audience watching the movie, and as a character in the movie. as an audience member, all i did was talk about the movie with the guy next to me. in the movie, was reading in a library, quietly. all of a sudden, i realize i can levitate myself off the ground. i begin hovering in the air, and with some practice, i find i can get up to the tops of the shelves, which seem at least twenty feet off the ground (a very tall room). a girl in the library sees what i'm doing, and runs after me. i lead her on a chase around the library, flying around. it seemed that if i wanted sideways propulsion, i sacrificed some of my upward thrust, like a helicopter. cut to a nearby stairwell: a terrified man is running up the stairs, while a shiny, reddish-black tentacle is navigating the stairs after him. it seems impossibly long. he runs out of the stairwell and into the library, and the tentacle follows just a few seconds later. i see it, and get very scared, which causes me to lose my ability to fly. we start running away together, but it keeps following a few seconds behind us, never gaining, never losing ground. i notice this, and tell him to stop.

as the audience member, i have been talking to the guy next to me the entire time about the movie, saying various things that sounded strange for me to say, but that i couldn't help saying. after the movie ends (don't remember how it ends), a group of mad scientist types walks in and i find i cannot get out of my chair. i am strapped in, unable to move. the scientists move around the room, putting tapes into various machines by our chairs. a scientist puts earphones on me, and the tape begins to play. it's a recording of me, taking all the things the movie has tricked me into saying somehow, and stringing them together seamlessly. i realize, with despair, that on this tape, i am giving a confession to murder. then i wake up.
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