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dream log: 2005 may 5

weird dream last night. i dreamt i was looking through my Winamp playlist, and i found a song i didn't recognize. it was called "Mark's Reasoning" or something like that. i couldn't figure out where i had gotten the song, so i started to research it online. somehow, my dream went into this post-apocalyptic scenario. there was this boy, named Fog, maybe sixteen years old, who lived in what seemed to be Ireland, except there were only remnants of modern technology, and everyone was essentially a farmer. i thought Fog was a fitting name for someone who lived in Ireland, and i decided to call the society "techno-farmers". anyway, Fog's father was some important guy in the village; one who made a lot of decisions. after a while, these people came in a submarine (or perhaps a fleet of them), and attacked "Ireland". the fight somehow came down to a standoff between the invading troops, who were in one factory, and the Irish troops, who were in the adjacent factory. both sides had several sniper rifles, and i remember going back and forth between windows in my dream, trying to sneak around, and shooting at the other side (from Fog's point of view). after several good shots, most of the enemies were dead. then a couple strong swimmers (on the Irish side) swam out with some explosives and planted them on the submarine. after it blew up, the invaders surrendered. later, and this is the scene the song featured in (don't remember the song itself), Fog was talking with a "village council" type of group. they were saying that the invaders must have come from a very distant place, but Fog thought they were from nearby. he pulled out a map, which was obviously incorrectly drawn, and, using a series of logical leaps which i don't remember in the slightest (if there were even there), proceeded to re-draw the map, and prove that the invaders came from a much nearer location. eventually, he persuaded the village council, and they raised him to some sort of important position. during this, i figured out that Mark and Fog were supposed to be the same character. after that i woke up.

possible explanations:
i had been looking for this catchy song on my Winamp playlist for some time, and i found out what it was only yesterday. it turned out to be "Girl Inform Me" by The Shins, totally unrelated to the "Mark's Reasoning" song in my dream, but it was the same kind of i-forgot-what-song-that-was thing. additionally, i watched The Postman recently, which could explain the post-apocalyptic scenario.
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