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dream log: 2005 may 1

weird dream today while i was taking a nap. i dreamt that my friend Mat was visiting my house, and that we had to drive somewhere. we had decided to go to Chipotle, but weren't sure what car to take. looking out at my driveway, we find a sea of old cars. there's my Civic, an even older Civic, and an assortment of beat-up Toyotas, Fords, Chevys, Nissans, Chryslers, and Mazdas. basially, one of every old, low-performance car from the 1980s. i have absolutely no idea how all these cars managed to fit in my driveway, or how they got there. my Civic is parked at the back of the pile of cars, so we decide to take that. halfway to Chipotle, i wake up.

possible explanations:
i am craving some Chipotle. dunno why there were so many old cars, though.
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