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dream log: 2005 march 9

i had a rather intense dream last night. i dreamt i was at school in Springfield, and i see something out of the window. it's drifting lazily across the sky. i must have had super-vision or something, because i magnified the image, and it turns out to be an ICBM, moving impossibly slowly across the sky. it drifts past my school, and on for a few miles, before touching down and exploding. oh great, i think, as a mushroom cloud slowly rises in the distance. expecting more nuclear missiles at any time, i run down to the cafeteria to get some food. the cafeteria is packed full of people, all waiting in line to get some food. i have a plastic food container with me, and i grab some yams, corn, and broccoli, pack it into the container, and exit the building. there are buses waiting to leave the city, and i get on one of them. we set off for Columbus, but when we're maybe three miles away, i see another missile floating across the sky. it goes past us, heading for the center of Columbus, and i think, with some dismay, that a missile will probably blow up any city we try to go to. i can't imagine why they're following us in particular. just before the missile touches down, a giant bulk rises out of the city. it looks like a robotic crab a mile tall. the crab's shell absorbs the full force of the nuclear weapon, shielding the city. everyone stands looking, amazed. then i woke up.

possible explanations:
i saw Dr. Strangelove recently
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